NBA League Rules

IHSAA rules will be used with the following exceptions:

Age Group: 4th & 5th Grade Boys

Clock: (4) 8-minute qtrs – running clock. Stopped clock inside last 2 minutes of game.

Halftime: 5 minutes

Overtime: 1st OT – 2 minutes with stopped clock. 2nd OT – first point wins.

Pressing: No Pressing until the last 2 minutes of the game. Man to man rules still apply for pressing. No zone presses. No double teams. No trapping. You can deny the inbounds pass. You can pressure the ball handler with the one person guarding him/her. If you are winning by 10 or more points, you are not allowed to press.

Front Court Side Out of Bounds: While the ball is being inbounded, defenders can guard players in the backcourt. Press rules apply once the ball is thrown in and in the possession of an offensive player. Regardless of where the ball is inbounded at the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter, the defense is not allowed to defend in the back court.

Goal Height / Ball Size: 10′ goal. 28.5″ ball size

Free Throw Line: 15′ (player can jump over the line)

Playing Time: 8-player roster: All players will play AT LEAST 20 clock minutes.

7-player roster: All players will play AT LEAST 22 clock minutes.

6-player roster: All players will play AT LEAST 24 clock minutes.

Exceptions: Injury or foul trouble.

Timeouts: 5 timeouts per game (3-30 secs. & 2-60 secs.) – clock stops.

Defense: Man to Man defense ONLY. No double teaming above the free throw line. Double teaming will be allowed below the free throw line.

Help out rules:

  1. A defensive player can only help out on another offensive player who is dribbling the basketball towards the basket. The defensive player who has helped out must return to his assigned offensive player if:
    1. The offensive player begins dribbling away from the basket; or
    2. The offensive player has picked up her dribble AND the assigned defensive player is present.
  2. After a dead ball, each defensive player must player their pre-assigned player. This means one player CANNOT pick up the basketball coming down the floor regardless of who is dribbling the ball.

Scorekeeper / Clock Operator: Each team is responsible for 1 scorekeeper or clock operator (2 per game needed).

Bench Personnel: No more than three non-players on the bench.

Signed Waiver: Parent/Guardian must sign waiver & Code of Conduct before player can play first game.